Q & A - GESB Super Funds and The Tax Miracles they Can Perform


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GESB's books were bolstered by an influx of member contributions as public servants took advantage of generous tax savings and pumped more of their own money into super. Members funnelled $822 million into their nest eggs. The State's biggest superannuation fund, GESB, was one of the nation's best performers last financial year. Figures compiled by SuperRatings show GESB's balanced growth plan delivered a 13.2 per cent return for 2013-14.

Gesb super

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GESB Super: Since April 2007, all new state government employees who nominated for the default government superannuation plan were placed into GESB Super, a taxed market linked accumulation fund. As it is a taxed fund, concessional contributions are taxed upon entry to the fund have ATO imposed contribution limits in line with ordinary superannuation funds. Need to register for Member Online? Register now. What can I do in Member Online. Check your balance This video explains the benefits of contributing to super as relying on the compulsory Super Guarantee or SG contributions made by your employer alone, might Get And Sign Gesb Online 2013-2021 Form . Fund Australian Business Number ABN of destination fund if rolling to a Self Managed Super Fund SMSF Note if rolling to a SMSF you must provide a certified copy of the letter from the Australian Business Register regarding SMSF registration.

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That means it's a non-taxed fund and you only pay tax on withdrawals not the earnings so better return over time due to compound interest. GESB West State Super and Gold State Super are unique super funds. They are “constitutionally protected” and untaxed super funds. If you have one of these accounts it pays to get professional financial advice to ensure you take advantage of opportunities that are unique to West State and Gold State members.

Gesb super

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Gesb super

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And indirect costs of $245 each year will be deducted from your investment EQUALS Total cost of My GESB Super plan If your balance was $50,000 then for that year you will be charged fees of $411 for the My GESB Super plan Note: additional fees may apply. Additional explanation of fees and costs GESB | 688 followers on LinkedIn.
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$66 per year plus 0.20% p.a. of your super balance is deducted for administration fees. Contribution caps for GESB Super or West State Super, do not include contributions already made to your Gold State Super account. Therefore, you should not rely solely on these results. We recommend you revisit this calculator on a regular basis as your circumstances, tax and other rules can change over time.

Advisory services. Death insurance. Income protection. Variety of options. SuperRatings awards. Past 5 GESB super funds are unique and can perform tax planning miracles. West State Super and Gold State Super are two of only three untaxed super funds in the country - and private sector structures makes Chris an extremely And a quarter of the state workforce has a GESB fund.
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Gesb super

Fees . Currently (2020) GESB Super would cost you twice as much in fees as some other super funds. What has happened over the years, is that many super funds pricing (fees) has become extremely sharp, to the point where they are half the fees of a GESB account. GESB has quite low fees and does pretty good, the real benefit though is if you have a grandfathered West State or Gold state account which was pre-2006 I think (need to check). That means it's a non-taxed fund and you only pay tax on withdrawals not the earnings so better return over time due to compound interest. GESB West State Super and Gold State Super are unique super funds.

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Check once more each and every area has been filled in properly. GESB Super’s ICR is not fixed, and is reviewed periodically and adjusted to take into account prevailing investment expenses. The actual ICR can only be determined at the end of each financial year. 6 The Indirect Cost Ratios for each for GESB Super’s investment plans are different. gesb.wa.gov.au/forms or by calling your Member Services Centre on 13 43 72.

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GESB Super is a taxed, market-linked super scheme that offers below-median 1 fees and consistent and sound long-term investment returns.. To help you grow your super, we offer a range of investment plans targeting different levels of risk and return, designed to give you a choice in how your money is invested. GESB Super and West State Super are both classified as EPSSSs.